Irish Society of North Alabama
Promoting the Irish Culture in Northern Alabama through Education, Dance, Music, and the Arts

Membership Dues 

Please remember that we are an official 501(C)(3) nonprofit, which allows for your membership dues to be tax deductible!
Currently, we do not have required annual membership dues. All we ask is that if you can pay a contribution when you join – then please do so. If you can’t, don’t turn away – JOIN!! People who volunteer time, talent and effort are very valuable to ensure that ISNA can continue to host events as well as partner with others for various events!


Suggested amounts for membership:


Individual ($10-$30)

Family ($20-$60)

Student ($10-$20)
To register on-line, there is a TWO STEP process: 
STEP 1:  Please complete the form below - once you click "submit" please hit the back arrow key in order to then complete STEP 2 below which is when you submit the donation for membership. 
*In Progress*  In meantime, please submit the following to
Membership Type (Individual/Family/Student)
Family Members (Name, Relation, Age if Children)
STEP 2:  Please fill out the below information and add $4 to the amount you are donating to cover the Paypal service charge - we do not have funds to cover service charges, so we request that you cover the service charge if you are donating.  Once you click "submit" you will be directed to Paypal to input your username/password.  Also, by clicking "submit" you agree to:

I, the undersigned, understand that my participation and the participation of any members of my family in any Irish Society of North Alabama (ISNA) or program is completely voluntary, and I hereby give permission for myself and my family to join in these activities or programs. My family shall hold harmless ISNA, volunteers or representatives, paid or unpaid, and/or the providers of any activity or program location and/or materials from any liability and/or responsibility for any accident, illness or injury that occurs during or as a result of any function or program. I accept that the final responsibility for my safety and that of my family rests with me.



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